Thursday, September 3, 2015

SuperChic Lacquer Swatches

Hey guys!

Nothing To Disclose

I have 6 SuperChic Lacquer polishes to show you today! These are from two different collections but you'll forgive me, right? :-p

Law of Nature is a lemony yellow. This was a bit sheer and needed 3 coats. With topcoat.

Pleasant Surprise is teal blue that required 3 coats. With topcoat.

Dumb Luck is a bright mint green. This also needed 3 coats, and topcoat.

Electrified is a lemony yellow scattered holo. This also needed 3 coats, and topcoat.

Splice is a blue holo. This was 3 coats, with topcoat.

Live Wire is a bright lime green holo. Again, this was 3 coats with topcoat.

Have you tried any SuperChic polishes?? What are your favorites?

Talk to you soon!