Monday, September 7, 2015

Rimmel Wonder'Lash Lift Me Up Mascara - Review

Hey guys!

Press Sample

Today we are going to be reviewing the new Rimmel Wonder'Lash Lift Me Up mascara. This is a cool mascara because it's cucumber scented and is infused with cucumber extract and vitamins, which is supposed to deliver a nourishing and conditioning effect to your lashes.

The wand is a natural bristle brush in an hourglass shape. The brush itself is rather large, which was a bit cucumbersome for not getting mascara on your eyelid, no matter how careful you are. However, that's always an easy fix so it didn't bother me.

I would classify this mascara formula as being on the dry side but it was also easy to apply. I am not one to ever put coats upon coats of mascara on, I usually stop at two and didn't find this to be clumpy or goopy at two coats.

The color I am trying is 003 Extreme Black. There is also a regular Black color option.

I have a decent length to my lashes but they are very straight. This did help to volumize my eyelashes! It wasn't groundbreaking volume, but it was there and it was nice.

The cucumber scent is faint but pleasant and you can't smell it once the mascara has been applied. I can't say that I noticed my eyelashes felt conditioned but I also never touch my eyelashes to feel how conditioned they may or may not be, lol.

This mascara is in stores now and retails for $8.99

What do you think? Are you intrigued??

Talk to you soon!

Side eye if you caught my pun and didn't laugh.