Thursday, June 25, 2015

Potion Polish Dreaming Of The Islands Collection

Hey guys!

Nothing To Disclose

There's a new indie brand on the block and their name is Potion Polish! They opened in the beginning of June and I am pleased to say that I was their first sale! Whoo! LOL!

I bought the Dreaming of the Islands collection because 1) neon and 2) holo. So duh. There are 7 polishes in the collection so let's get to it. All of the polishes have a strong scattered holograph and were three coats with an easy formula.

Papaya Sunrise is peachy orange crelly.

This picture is a comparison of Papaya Sunrise (index and middle finger) and Electric Bikini (ring and pinky finger), as they are very similar. Unless you were buying the complete set, you probably wouldn't need both, although they are both lovely.

Electric Bikini is a red leaning coral crelly.

Beach Bunny Pink is a Barbie crelly.

Rainbow Orchid is an orchid purple jelly. This color was one of my favorites, it was 2 coats and so beautiful.

Sunlit Palms is a green crelly. I had to really adjust my camera settings for this so that's why my fingers look really orange, lol.

Sparkle Cay is a beautiful aqua jelly. This was another favorite; the color was just beautiful. This was a little sheer after two coats, as you can still see my nail line a bit.

Cerulean Skies is a cerulean blue jelly and let's just be honest: this is my favorite, as if you didn't know :-p This was 2 coats.

I am pretty impressed with this collection, especially for a first collection! The formula's were all very nice and I like that this is a neon collection without being just a neon collection, ya know? Not that I would ever complain about too many neons :-p.

You can check out Potion Polish on their website and follow them on Instagram for sneak peaks of upcoming collections!

Talk to you soon!