Tuesday, April 21, 2015

NYC Peel Off Base Coat - Review!

Hey guys!

Press Sample

Today I have a sort of different review for you, though still nail related. NYC recently released a Peel Off Base Coat that turns any polish into a peel-able polish. This is perfect for glitters, as we all know what a pain they to remove!

I tested this with Ellagee's Jewel Encrusted, which is a multi-colored glitter with micro gold holographic glitter. I did three coats for opacity, plus two coats of topcoat.

The next day, I attempted to remove the glitter by gently picking at the edges and voila! Off came the polish! Most nails peeled off in one sheet, although as you can see a few came off in pieces.

And after the peeling! Not a speck of glitter polish left! Wow!!

I was very impressed with with this peel off base coat. I wouldn't recommend it for a manicure you want to last for several days, as it did peel off quite easily after the one day. Since I change my nails just about every day, it worked really well for me!

The Peel Off Base Coat retails for $2.99 and is available at mass retailers nationwide.
Talk to you soon!