Thursday, April 2, 2015

Barielle Glitter Mania Collection for Spring 2015

Hey guys!

Press Sample

I have one of the two new Barielle Glitter collections for Spring!! Yes! Barielle is doing glitter! I feel like this was an area that they were lacking selection and I'm so happy they have two new collections to choose from.

Princess Pink is a sparkly pink hex glitter. This was pretty densely packed and I used one coat over Illamasqua Jo'Mina.

Gemstones is a blue and purple and silver glitter polish. This was also fairly densely packed and I used one coat of Illamasqua Collide.

Orange Flame is an orange hex glitter. Again, densely packed and one coat over Illamasqua Poke.

Mermaid's Fin is a beautiful aqua glitter with tiny holographic glitters scattered throughout. One coat over Illamasqua Cameo.

And finally, Confetti is a black, pink, light blue, peach matte hex glitter. I loved this one and while it wasn't as dense as the other glitters, it applied nicely in one and a half coats over Illamasqua Rare. I personally loved the combination of the neon yellow with the matte glitters!

This is a fun collection from Barielle and as I mentioned before, I am excited to see some glitters from Barielle!

You can purchase Barielle polish on their website here.

Talk to you soon!