Monday, August 18, 2014

Pretty & Polished Day In The Park and Pebbles

Hey guys!

Today's post is all about Pretty & Polished! I have two polishes, once came from a Beauty Box and the other... Well, I'm not sure. Maybe also a Beauty Box?? Whoops.

Anyway, the first polish is called Day In The Park. This is a sky blue jelly packed with yellow, green, blue, and pink glitter in assorted sizes and shapes. I used two coats here and a topcoat, as it was a bit lumpy without the topcoat.

And here's Pebbles, a nudeish jelly with a whole mess of different glitters: pink, blue, red, green, purple AND pink hearts! This was 2 thin coats, again with topcoat.

My Pretty & Polished polishes are always some of my favorites. You can purchase at

Talk to you soon!