Saturday, August 23, 2014

Katarina Naturals Nail Polish Remover

Hey guys!
*Products were sent to me for free in exchange for my honest opinion*

Today's post is a little different because it's not really about nails, but about a nail polish remover!

Katarina Naturals is a Michigan company (whoo!) that makes natural, plant based removers with no petroleum and they are cruelty free. I am always looking for more natural products and especially if those products are made in the USA and/or local! And Laurie was a peach to work with so that's just a bonus :-)

I was sent two varieties, an acetone based and a non acetone based remover. The acetone based remover is supposed to smell like a "fresh fruity scent" but I did not think it smelled fruity at all. I can't really pinpoint the scent but it wasn't fruity. The non acetone remover has a lovely mint scent, however!

A note was included on the best way to use the removers. The acetone based remover works well for soaking off gels and shellacs and since I don't use gel or shellac, I have no idea if that's accurate, lol. I soaked a cotton round in the remover and held it on my nail for 10 seconds and rubbed the polish off. I used a similar method with the non acetone remover (and my nails smelled minty fresh! Haha!) but I did have to work a little harder to remove the polish using the non acetone. However, I ALWAYS use acetone removers so I can't compare removal very well since I've never used another non acetone remover. Phew, remover remover remover!

These are effective removers. I don't think they work better than a regular acetone remover (which is what I usually use) but I am okay with using a little more effort to remove my polish considering they are a more natural alternative to the chemical laden products we usually find for removal.

You can purchase Katarina Naturals on and visit their website here. If you have a natural food/health store near you, encourage them to carry Katarina Naturals locally!

Talk to you soon!