Wednesday, August 20, 2014

China Glaze Surprise Glitters

Hey guys!

Today's post is all about China Glaze Surprise glitters! I received three of this in a swap and they just sat forever because I have monster sized boxes of untrieds :-/

So here they are today! Better late than never, eh? I will say that I didn't love these like I thought I would, only because they were a much thinner consistency that I was hoping.

Shine-nanigans over Flower What's The Daffodilly-o. This is one coat sort of blobbed on.

Next is Glimmer More over Sally Hansen CSM Barracuda. Again, one blobbed on coat.

Lastly, and my surprise favorite is Don't Be A Flake over Zoya Louise. This has pink holographic hexes in it, which caught the light beautifully! One blobby coat.

Overall, I was a little dissappointed with these. I think if they had less suspension base, and were a more dense glitter I would have loved them. They certainly aren't terrible and make nice glitter toppers, but I don't know... I was left a little underwhelmed by these guys. Awww sad face.

What do you think? Did you buy any of the Surprise collection? What were your thoughts?

Talk to you soon!