Monday, July 1, 2013

Review - Rock Your Hair!

*Products were sent for my honest review*

Hey guys!

A while back, I received an email from Nicole at Rock Your Hair, wondering if I was interested in reviewing some of their best selling products. I'd definitely heard and seen the Rock Your Hair products but had never tried them so I said "yes please!"

This is what they sent for review:

Awesome! I was fully expecting to receive sample sizes, not full sized products! Wow!

Now, I am not at all a hair product guru. My hair regimen is very simple: shampoo, conditioner, detangler. I was very excited to see the detangler in the box! Anyway, I got to work testing these products and here are my thoughts!

First off, I love the packaging. Crystals on the bottles? Yes. Every product needs this! LOL The bright pink packaging is so fun and definitely stands out!

Big Hair Rocks Shampoo:

I used this right away and I really enjoyed it. First of all, it smelled delicious. This is important to me. I am not a 'fragrance free' person... I like my products to smell good!

It lathered nicely and left my hair feeling clean. I almost never Lather, Rinse, Repeat so I just used this like I do my normal shampoo: wash and rinse and move on.

I don't know that it gave my hair any extra volume, BUT my hair is very long and heavy right now, so that may have played a part in its effectiveness.

Big Hair Rocks Conditioner:

Pretty much the same as the shampoo. It smelled wonderful and was not heavy or greasy feeling on my hair. I always rinse out my conditioner but some conditioners leave my hair feeling weighed down and yucky. This did not feel that way at all.

Miracle Leave-In Conditioner Weightless Detangler:

This is probably my favorite product they sent. I use a detangler every day when I get out of the shower. I have very thick, but fine hair and it tangles like whoa. I've used the same detangler for years but this actually works better and my hair is longer than it's been for probably almost a decade. I don't have to use as much as I usually do and it detangles almost instantly, without ripping my hair out while I'm brushing it through!

Spray It Hard Big Volume Hairspray:
Now, I almost never use hairspray so I don't have a lot of previous products to compare this to, but I will say that it, again, smelled really nice and wasn't really sticky and goopy. The few times I did use this product, I will say that it worked but I'm a "always playing with my hair" person so it's hard for me to say how long it lasted, because I'm always messing with my hair, haha.

Size Matters Big Volume Root Lift:
What I enjoyed about this product was that it is a spray and not a foam or mousse. I hate mousse in my hair.. it just feels gross to me. This definitely gave lift without the texture that I'm used to of a root lifting mousse.

Bombshell Big Hair Powder:
This powder is meant to be used as a lifting/ sort of dry shampoo for touching up hair in the afternoon. I didn't use a lot of this, because... well, I'm lazy and I usually put my hair up in a pony tail if I need to do something with it later in the day, lol. But I'll keep it around for when I decide to go out and be fancy later in life :-)

Overall, I was very pleased with these products. I also liked that the shampoo and conditioner was sulphate free!

You can purchase these products and many others on the Rock Your Hair website.

Talk to you soon!