Thursday, April 26, 2012

Julep Maven April Box

Hey guys!

I swear, one month I am going to have this darn review ready before the end of the month!! :-/

This month, I switched from the American Beauty to the Bombshell box. I don't think I've ever kept the American Beauty box; I always switch! LOL

Anyway, I wanted this box because of Parker. For some reason, I am majorly obsessing over orange nail polish right now. I have never ever liked orange nail polish but I'm loving it right now!

Parker is a 'dirty' tanergine creme polish. I say dirty because I didn't want to say muted. It's my blog; I'll say what I want :-p

This is 3 coats of Parker with no top coat. 

The second color in the box was Annette, a grayed out white. I would never pick this; it's too plain for me. BUT I actually didn't hate it when wearing it. Obviously, it's the perfect canvas for glitter ;-)

2 coats of Annette, no top coat. 

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Talk to you soon!