Tuesday, April 3, 2012

China Glaze Electropop Part 2

Hey guys! I have some more China Glaze for you today! These are the other two colors I picked up from the Electropop collectiong.

Two coats, no top coat for all of these swatches.

First, Kinetic Candy. A smoky blue with gray undertones. Very calming. This doesn't necessarily say spring to me but it's still a nice, stable color. Actually, it does look like a spring sky, I guess.

 A coat of Icing Party Has Confetti zazzes it up a bit, right? One coat of fantastic pink glitter.

Next, Electric Beat. A dusty blue creme. I like this a lot. This is my second favorite from this collection. 

Then a layer of fuchsia Kleancolor Starry Purple glitter and voila! 

What do you guys think? Did you pick up any of the Electropop collection? What were your favorites?

Talk to you soon!