Sunday, April 15, 2012

11 Question Tag

Hey guys!

Jacqui from The Scholarly Nail tagged me for the 11 Question Tag... like two weeks ago :-/

 I've already done it once so I won't be tagging anyone, but feel free to tag yourself :-)

11 Things About Me:

1.  I love animals more than people.
2.  Sprinkles are the happiest topping.
3.  Taylor Swift and I should be best friends, and we can brush each others hair and wear puffy dresses.
4.  I wish it was still the 90's.
5.  I will be 28 on April 20th... I am probably going to have a nervous breakdown when I turn 30. I can feel it brewing.
6.  I despise my middle name and will not tell anyone what it is.
7.  I'm beginning to think I'm somewhat of a shopaholic.
8.  I don't watch live tv, unless it is a football or hockey game. DVR, baby!
9.  Whenever a kids movie comes out in theaters, I always go see it with my mommy. Yep. I'm the adult 'child' in the theater with their mom.
10. I've never considered myself a nerd, but I think I'm kind of a nerd now. I blame my husband :-p
11. I'm basically awesome. And totally humble. And not at all conceited (and very sarcastic)

Questions From Jacqui For Me:
  1. In the age of blogs, do you still subscribe to magazines, and if so which ones? Yes, I have a Cosmopolitan, Lucky, Shape, and Martha Stewart Living subscription, but they were all free except for Cosmo.
  2. Cat person?  Dog person?  Other? Dog person.
  3. Do you travel a lot? What are your favorite places you have traveled to? I don't travel a lot but I do like to travel. I like Vegas and on our honeymoon we went to Cabo San Lucas. It was delightful!
  4. Does your significant other support your beauty habit? He does and doesn't. He doesn't get it but I think he's past the point of objecting to my nail polish purchases :-p
  5. What is your favorite movie? Ohhh man... I have a lot of favorite movies. Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken, Sweet Home Alabama, The Italian Job, nerd movies like Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and a bunch of others.
  6. Mac or PC? MAC!
  7. Where's your favorite place to shop? Target. It's a genius consumer trap!
  8. What nail polish brand would you choose over all others? China Glaze
  9. What is the beauty product you can't live without? Chapstick brand mint Chapstick. Seriously Addicted.
  10. What brand of cosmetics would you buy more of, if money was no object? Hmm... probably Kate Somerville face wash. It's not THAT expensive but it's more than I like to pay for face soap.
  11. What is your favorite green polish? Ohhh...... I like China Glaze Agro, A England Saint George, umm.... I can't think of others!!  

OKay that was it! 

Aren't I fascinating? :-p

Talk to you soon!