Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Twinsie Tuesday: Share Your Polish Collection

Hey guys!

Nothing To Disclose

Today we are sharing our polish collections, which is terrifying and embarrassing, lol. I do quite like how I have my polishes organized, except that I need to purge so I don't have to buy a 4th helmer 🙊  

One thing I will mention is that I am not going to be going through the drawers.... that would be wayyyyy too many pictures! LOL! So an overview will have to suffice :-p

Here is the bulk of my polish. I have my polishes organized by brand and don't really have a system other than that, other than my Zoya, China Glaze, and OPI polishes are sorted by color with the drawer.

This is my bucket of "polishes that I have swatched and need to put back in or find room for in my helmers". Whoops. Moving on... and the bucket behind that is a small bucket of untrieds... Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

This is the rack that sits on my nail polish desk, mainly holding polishes that I need to review or polishes that I want to swatch for collabs or upcoming posts. I had to black and white this one, muahahahahhaah!!

And that's basically it...  I'm excited to see everyone else's polish collections! Be sure to check them out!

Talk to you soon!