Thursday, June 23, 2016

Round 25: Bestie Twin Nails With The Little Canvas!

Hey guys!

Nothing To Disclose

Hey hey hey, it's time for another BTN with my buddy Alaina from The Little Canvas!

For this BTN, we chose a simple dotticure and striping tape mani, inspired by Nicole from Young Wild & Polished.

We went with mint and purple versus the brighter green and purple. I used three colors from Virtuous Polish (which is no longer open for business, unfortunately): Purity, Queen Ester, and Rahab. 

This is a pretty straightforward  manicure so I won't really go into too much detail: I used a dotting tool and some striping tape, lol. The polishes I used are matte polishes so a glossy topcoat was required. 

Be sure to check out Alaina's nails!

Talk to you soon!