Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Marc Jacobs Glowstick: Review

Hey guys!

Press Sample

Today I have a quick post about the new Marc Jacobs Beauty Glowstick, in the color Spotlight. I received this product for free from Influenster and I have been really loving it!

The Glowstick is a pearly white cream highlighter in a stick form. For me, the best to way to apply it has been using a dense small contouring brush, such as the Luxie 512 Small Contour brush or even the ELF contouring brush. And I can't lie: I've also applied it directly to my face using the stick applicator!

I was very pleased to see how well this highlight blends. If applied directly to the face from the stick, it's a very dramatic highlight but it blends out beautifully and can be worn as subtly or dramatically as you wish!

Unblended swatch:

Blended: Look at that glow!!

The Glowstick retails for $42 and can be purchased at Sephora or any location where Marc Jacobs beauty products are sold.

If you want to see this in action, I posted a video all about it today :)

Talk to you soon!