Monday, November 2, 2015

PUR Cosmetics Eye Polishes - Swatches and Review!

Hey guys!

Press Sample

I have swatches of the new PUR Cosmetics Eye Polishes! These have an all-in-one formula that act as a primer and shadow in one. Each eye polish comes with a silicone applicator to help apply color evenly, while minimizing excess.

The shadows come in 6 shades: Caviar, Velvet, Silk, Cashmere, Satin, and Suede. Let's look at some swatches and I have a few Face of the Day pictures to show you at the end!

Caviar is an olive green with gold shimmer.

Velvet is a beautiful plum with fuchsia shimmer.

Silk is an apricot with champagne shimmer.

Cashmere is a champagne pearl. This eye polish had a thinner consistency than the other colors when it was swatched but it applied just fine when applying to the eyelid.

Satin is a pale pink pearl.

Suede is a bronze pearl.

I used all of these and really enjoyed them! The texture was different, sort of like a whipped, thin mousse-y consistency. I was worried they would be really wet and take forever to dry but that was not the case! They applied smoothly and evening and were blendable but also didn't feel wet.

This is look using Velvet:

And here is Caviar.

Have you tried the Pur Cosmetics Eye Polishes yet? What do you think??

These retail for $26 each. Pur Cosmetics is available at Ulta or via their website.

Talk to you soon!