Monday, February 16, 2015

Makeup Monday: Lorac Unzipped Cheek Palette & Alter Ego Set

Hey guys!

Nothing To Disclose

Welcome to the first evah Makeup Monday! As you know, if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, I'm really delving into the world of makeup and enjoying the beautiful things and I thought it would be fun to do a makeup post on the blog once in a while! So Makeup Mondays are here!!

For the first Makeup Monday, let's look at the Ulta exclusive Lorac Unzipped Cheek Palette & Alter Ego lipstick set. This set is $30 and includes the cheek palette with 4 blushes and a full sized Alter Ego lipstick. I love my Unzipped palettes and so I kind of felt this was an essential, heehee.

The Alter Ego lipstick is called Girl Next Door and is a coral pink shade. This is a matte finish, which I love.

From first swatch, these blushes seem very pigmented, though a bit powdery in the swatch, particularly Unashamed (the bright pink). I know that looks like a crazy scary pink but I think it will be sooo lovely in the summer, especially with a bit of a tan!

As this is just a swatch post, I cannot attest to the lasting power of these yet. I will say that Unapologetic looks like the color I will get the least use out of, but then again, you never know!

I am happy I bought this set and if you like Lorac like I do, I would hurry because it is Limited Edition and only at Ulta!

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Are you excited for Makeup Mondays??

Talk to you soon!