Friday, February 13, 2015

Ethereal Lacquer Black Rose with Glitter & Gradient

Hey guys!

Nothing To Disclose

I was fortunate enough to win this gorgeous Mei Mei's Signatures exclusive Ethereal Lacquer from my friend Saira's giveaway a few months back and it somehow got lost in Mount Polish. I pulled it out for a jazzy birthday party manicure and wow, it's lovely!

I used two coats of EL Black Rose and stared at the beauty. Like... just stared.

I mean... come on. So gorgeous.

Then, because I was going to a 30th birthday party in a party bus and all that jazz, I wanted MORE so I added a gradient coat of Messy Jessi Bailey, a polish created to help benefit Bailey Haney and raise awareness for Neuroblastoma.

THEN I dabbed a little bit of Wingdust Funky Town on the tips of my nails and figured that was probably enough bling for one manicure, heehee. I purchased Funky Town from Llarowe but I cannot find it on her site or on the Wingdust site.

Whatcha think? Clearly more is more is better for me, lol!!!

Talk to you soon!