Friday, December 19, 2014

Top 14 from 2014!

Hey guys!

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I bring you... My Favorite 14 Nail Manicures of 2014! Or 14 from 2014, as my biffle Amanda (@GlitterBadass) named it. This will be my first favorites post since I've been blogging!! It's unclear why I'm so terrible at making these lists; probably because I have a horrible memory and can never remember half of the things I use during the year, lol! So I am going down memory blogging lane and showing you my favorite posts from the year! I will be featuring polishes that were blogged about and polishes shown on Instagram!

These are in no particular order, except that I went back through my Instagram and started in January, so they appear in the order they originally did on IG! I will leave the captions for those photos, as they contain all of the pertinent information :-)

So yeah. Wow. That was much harder than I anticipated! I will have you know that I had at least 20 manicures in here originally, lol! I was going to attempt a Top 14 favorite nail polish from 2014 but I think even think that's possible! I always say this but next year, I will start keeping track at the start of the year!! Eek. We will see, lol!

What are some of your favorite manicures from 2014??
Talk to you soon!