Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Maybelline Bleached Neons

Hey guys!

So you might have heard of a little collection by Maybelline called The Bleached Neons. The collection has caused hysteria in the polish community, as it was super limited edition and hardly available in a lot of locations. I managed to find a few of them here and there and figured they were too pretty to not show you, even if you (more than likely) won't be able to find them. Sorry.

First, Citrus Collide. This is a really lovely creamy yellow. These polishes seem to be almost pastel neons, if that's at all possible! This was 3 coats.

Next, Coral Heat, a beautiful coral. This is probably my favorite. 2 coats.

Finally, Pink Punch, a bright, but muted bubblegum pink. I know it doesn't make sense to say bright and muted but that's really how they looked to me! LOL This was 2 coats, as well.

I first saw these polishes (saw the full, untouched collection, actually) and didn't pick any up because they didn't look that great in the bottle. But then I started seeing swatches and could have kicked myself for not buying them! They all have great formulas, and are just lovely, fun colors for summer!

Did you manage to find any of the Bleached Neons? If so, which was your favorite??

Talk to you soon!