Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lac Attack Tricks & Treats

Hey guys!

So these were totally for Halloween but I'm showing them late, whoops. I blame Avery. (when is it not acceptable to blame your kid for things anymore?)

First, Vampire Bite. This is a fuchsia jelly with black glitter and white shards of glitter. 3 coats.

Spiced Pumpkin is a mixture of orange, green, pink glitters. This was only 2 coats! Obvy this is perfect for laying but I used it on its own here.

Sugar Skull is a mixture of square, circle and skull glitters in a clear shimmery base. This is one coat with some blobbage over Sinful Cold Leather. The circle glitters aren't curling, they are a bit holographic! The skull wasn't laying perfectly flat.

There ya go! Check out Ana's shop at!

Talk to you soon!