Tuesday, September 4, 2012

RBL Catherine

Hey guys!

I have a special polish from a special friend to share with you today.

Radha (thepolishowl.wordpress.com) is one of my good friends and she is always sending polish to people! Like, seriously.. .I don't think she ever keeps half of the polish she gets/buys! LOL

Well I was the lucky recipient of a few of her unwanted polishes: RBL Catherine and Essie Chinhilly.

This is my first RBL. Catherine is... well, pretty gorgeous. I used 2 perfect coats for this manicure. No formula issues... it was dreamy. Sigh. I was almost hoping it would be a hot mess to help me not want other colors. I can't justify spending $20 on one nail polish :-/

Anyway.... lookie the pictures!

With flash. 

Do you have any RBL's? What are your favorites?

Talk to you soon!