Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pink Wednesday: Candy Lacquer Argyle

Hey guys!

Today I have one of my first Candy Lacquer's to share with you!

I love argyle. I'm a giant dorky, preppy person. And I don't care. So when I first saw Argyle, I was all "wwhhhaatt?? NEEEDD!!" but held off on buying anything because... ya know.. willpower and all that. That soon waned and I purchased 4 Candy Lacquers :-/

For these pictures, I layered 1 coat of CL Argyle over butter LONDON Snog. It was fairly easy to apply, a little bit of moving around but nothing terrible. 

I really liked this over pink. I thought it was quite sassy :-) Stay tuned to see my other lovely Candy Lacquers!

Talk to you soon!