Thursday, July 5, 2012

Orly Dark Shadows: My Picks And An Ozotic! (Picture Heavy)

 Hey guys! Did everyone have a nice 4th of July? I didn't even see any fireworks :-( I'm old and lame, lol.

I picked up two of the Orly Dark Shadows polishes when they were on super clearance from Sally's a few weeks ago. You know I grabbed the blurple, right? Obvy.

Mysterious Curse is a blurple polish. I think it's technically plum LOADED with blue shimmer, but it's so much blue shimmer that it looks blurple. 

I used 2 coats below. This was a little thin but not too bad. I feel like it's a pretty consistent Orly formula.... never too thick, never toooooo thin, but usually a little thinner than most. If that makes sense.

I decided to try one of my new Ozotics because I ordered the darn thing, I should use it and see what all the hype is about. I'm not gonna lie: I've never been a big fan of Ozotic swatches. I kind of figured that it was a "you need to see this in person" situation but holy crap.... YOU NEED TO SEE THIS IN PERSON! It's completely amazeballs. Now I will never use this polish again because they are being discontinued. So I will hoard it forever.

1 coat of Ozotic 532 over Orly Mysterious Curse.

Gaahhh.... droolllll......

Moving on to Buried Alive, which is such a completely morbid name but gorgeous color. I'm not into the whole vampires/zombies/walking dead thing.... but I love this color.

2 easy coats, no top coat. 

Did you pick up any polishes from this collection? What were your favorites?

Talk to you soon!