Sunday, July 1, 2012

Color Club Kiss Me Mistletoe

Hey guys!

I hope everyone is still having a good weekend. We got to see some friends from out of town last night and that is always fun. Did a little shopping... some relaxing... I do love vacation time!!

This is from the Sally's exclusives from Christmas time. It was on super clearance :-)

Kiss Me Mistletoe is a metallic pale green polish. After I applied this, I was like "oh crap, it's exactly the same as Color Club Perfect Mol-Ten", but that is not true. This polish is more frosty and less metallic.

 Two coats, no top coat.

I have no idea what Mistletoe smells like so maybe this scent is accurate. Couldn't tell ya. I do know that it wasn't terribly scented so even if it was incorrect, you probably wouldn't notice unless you love the smell of mistletoe. Do people love the smell of mistletoe? I have no idea. 

Talk to you soon!