Monday, June 18, 2012

Julie G Fairytale & Sunset Kiss

Hey guys! Did everyone have a nice weekend?

I have two pretty little Julie G polishes to share with you today.

A while back, I saw a shiny new and full display for Julie G at my local Rite Aid and well... I'm basically a marketer's dream, because the new prettiness made me (YES, MADE ME) buy two of the polishes.

First, Fairytale. This color is something that I don't wear often but I just love how soft and feminine it looks. I didn't even add glitter! (WHAAAT??))

Two coats of this lovely lilac creme beauty.

Next, Sunset Kiss. First of all, I love the name of this. It's sassy and romantic. And this cherry red is just pretty. Ya'll know I don't wear red very often but this red is too fun to pass up! Two easy coats. 

Do you have any Julie G polishes?

What do you think of these colors?
Talk to you soon!