Thursday, July 6, 2017

No. 4 Sugar Texturizing Spray! Review!

Hey guys!

Press Sample

I have a hair care product to show you today! I don't often talk about a lot of hair products because my hair is kind of strong-willed and does what it wants, and that is usually.... nothing, lol! I have super thick, but super fine and straight hair and product just doesn't seem to hold! Hair spray, texture spray, a curl won't hold... etc., etc. you get the idea! But I'm always interested to try new hair products because I cannot be the only person with thick, but fine and straight hair! Something has to work, right??

No. 4 Sugar Texturizing Spray is a great alternative to typical salt sprays.

I sprayed the product through my hair and then blow dried my 'do. I mean, definitely some volume was added to my hair! I thought about leaving it this way because I cannot lie.... I was digging the Jimmy Neutron bang lol!

Alas, I didn't leave it that way and styled my hair as I usually do, which is basically just brushing it out.

The volume held pretty well throughout the day. My hair is VERY heavy because it's so thick but by the end of the day, I still had some decent volume in my hair.

A sugar spray is a great alternative to a salt spray for several reasons, and I'm going to tell you why:

- Sugar sprays are moisturizing
- They don't strip your hair of essential oils and hair color, which causes dry and brittle hair
- Sugar sprays can also help strengthen your hair!

Have you tried No.4 products before? They are available for purchase in salons and select retailers nationwide. For a complete listing, please visit

This spray retails for $22.

Talk to you soon!