Monday, August 3, 2015

Elevation Polish

Hey guys!

Nothing To Disclose

Today I have my first two Elevation Polishes to share with you!

Both of these polishes had really great formulas and were two coats.

Muztgah Ata is dark blue holographic. Because I do my swatches at night under a lightbox, I don't get the sun shot of the holo but this was more holo in person than the picture is showing. I have seen some sun shots of this polish and it's STUNNING! Without the color, it's still a gorgeous color but the added holo in the sun is <3

 Epidote 2 is a bright lime green holo. This was again two coats, with a perfect formula. I didn't do any clean up for either of these polishes. Per-fect.

I kind of wish that I didn't love these so much or they weren't so perfect to apply because now I want more!! So so gorgeous!

Do you have any Elevation Polishes? What are your favorites??

Talk to you soon!