Friday, November 28, 2014

smART Nails Stencils Review + A Giveaway!

Hey guys!

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I am just sort of getting into nail vinyls and such, since I can't stamp to save my life and when I was contacted my smART Nails to review their product, it sounded like something that even a simple nail arter like myself could handle!

smART Nail Stencils are just that: nail stencils. They are adhesive on the back so you lay the adhesive side against your dry nail and use the stencil like you would any other craft stencil. Then remove and you're good to go!

I was generously provided with 8 stencil sets to review. I'm not going to show you all 8 because that would be a lot of pictures, lol, but I will show you my favorite stencil :-)

The set I will show you is P014 - Flower. The stencils come in a cellophane package and in that is a cardboard booklet.

Guys. I cannot even explain how easy this was!! I literally peeled the stencil off the sheet, and plopped it on my nail. Painted the color I wanted to use and peeled it off. That's it. I did use the same stencil for all of the flowers you see below so they are definitely not a one time use deal! Obviously, the adhesive wasn't quite as strong towards the last few flowers but it still worked well enough that it didn't smear the polish.

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smART Nails was also kind enough to provide a giveaway for my lovely readers! This giveaway is open to USA, Canada, The UK and Australia only.

- All you have to do is comment on this post with the 5 smART Nail designs that you like most (the entire product line is here), mentioning the catalog number or the designs name.
- If you are selected a winner, you will get the 5 stencils you commented as your choice!
- You must also Like the smART Nails Facebook page via the Rafflecopter giveaway below.

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Be sure to check out smART Nail on all of their social media platforms:
Twitter: @smart_nails

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