Friday, May 8, 2015

GlitterDaze Intergirlactic Princess

Hey guys!

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GlitterDaze is one of my favorite brands and when I realized that I wasn't subscribed to their Daze of the Month club, I quickly rectified that situation.

The polish for April (I think, it might have been March... whoops.) is called Intergirlactic Princess and it is a lovely glitter topper with hot pink circle glitter (erhmahgerd!), gold stars, hearts, and assorted pink and gold glitters. I applied one coat plus a little dabbing over LVX Mynt. I love the hot pink over the mint green, don't you?

Be sure to check out the GlitterDaze shop; Sana has some beautiful polishes and I'm really enjoying the Daze of the Month club so far!
Talk to you soon!