Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vintage Fluffy Clouds

Hey guys!

So, I saw these cute little clouds on on blog and after searching and searching and trying to remember what it was, I FOUND IT! I saw these on Nailside and they were just too adorable for me to pass up! Annnd! Super easy! That's what I like to see and hear :-)

I recently acquired the Seche Clear Base coat and am trying this out to see how I like it.

I forgot to take pictures of Julep Emilie on it's own, but this is a really lovely tealish color... sooo pretty! It covered really well, also. Love Julep's coverage with their polishes :-)

Then I painted Julep Alfre (the purple/lavender shimmery color) and ended with Mary Kay Gold Leaf for the ends.

I should have applied a second coat of MK Gold Leaf but oh well. Live and learn, right?

These clouds were so cute to me. I kept looking at them all day! Next time, I will try some brighter colors to really punch up the excitement factor :-)

What do you guys think? What color combinations would you try to a manicure like this?

Talk to you soon!